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Three type laser machine
There are three types of laser machines:
1) Laser Marking System
2) Laser Cutting System
3) the laser welding machine

Our product range typical laser marking and laser engraving has grown speeds manufacturer. These systems use a laser marking system of fiber lasers or CO2 of different forces depending on demand. The combination of speed, power and versatility of laser systems for marking this machine can not be matched by other laser marking systems engineering. This ensures that, regardless of company size or application of laser marking machine is an affordable system that can be easily integrated into any production.

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There are three types of lasers used in laser cutting machine. The CO2 laser is suitable for cutting, drilling and engraving. Neodymium (Nd) and neodymium-yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Nd: YAG laser) are identical in style and differ only by the application. Nd is used for drilling and where a high energy but low repetition is necessary. The Nd-YAG laser is used when high power is needed and for drilling and engraving. CO2 and Nd / Nd: YAG lasers are used for welding.

CO2 lasers are commonly "pumped" by passing a current through the gas-mix (excitation DC) or by means of radiofrequency energy (RF excitation). The RF method is newer and has become more popular. Since DC designs require electrodes inside the cavity, they may experience erosion of the electrodes and the coating of electrodes on glass and optical materials. Since RF resonators have external electrodes they are not vulnerable to these problems.

CO2 laser cutting machine for cutting many industrial materials such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, paper, wax, plastic, wood and textiles. YAG lasers are mainly used for cutting and engraving of metals and ceramics.

Besides food, the type of gas supply electricity to influence as well. Running in a fast axial flow resonator, the mix of carbon dioxide, helium and nitrogen at high speed through a turbine or fan. Cross-flow laser circulating the gas mixture at a lower speed, the easier the fan. Slab or resonators have cooled spread a gas that does not require static pressure or glass, leading to savings on replacement turbines and glassware.

Laser-welding machine is usually no charge added parts must be a good fit, with a gap of less than 15% of the thickness of the finest components. The parts must be relatively clean, because the laser welding machine is very fast, without time to burn out impurities. Inert gas to more reactive metals, however, requires many alloys can be welded into the air.

Both types of equipment typically use laser welding beam line, the system design simplifies welding and welding process creates a much more consistent and solid. Optical fibers have lengths of 5-50m and standard focusing effectors called leaders focus the laser beam to the fiber and produce a focal point of the room.


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