5 Axis CNC Router RCF1325

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5 Axis CNC Router RCF1325

1. OSAI control in Europe, Japan and Italy used THK original side rails spindle to machine speed, high precision.
2. Z-height of 1.5 m may be very suitable for the treatment of extra-thick 3D-materials.
3. business intelligence in order to avoid cross-border protection of collisions due to excessive machining.
4. Different processing speeds by controlling the speed, the speed can be controlled and the speed of the blade that will significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of treatment.



Applicable industry:
      Mould industry: a few large non-metallic forms, especially for automotive foam forms, model ship, wooden model airplanes made ​​of wood, wood model trains, wooden model trains.
     Industrial equipment: large-scale sculpture and equipment three-dimensional shape of the cut surface.

Diversified control processing speed can control the working speed, traveling speed and dropping tool speed, and it improves the quality and efficiency greatly.

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