Single Arm Machining Center RC1230SA

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Single Arm Machining Center RC1230SA



 1, Divide the keyboard control: simple, practical, easy to learn keyboard split, the user can quickly flexibility to use equipment more independence.
 2, The intelligent processing functions of border security: to prevent the development of design processing rates of the collision caused by mechanical phenomenon.
 3, Vacuum adsorption devices: suction system can be shrunk to a broken wood and foam to keep the table clean and cover equipment maintenance, adsorption system to replace the previous plate is attached to the improvement of machining another plate loading and unloading.
 4, The intelligent control of processing speed, processing speed can be controlled effectively improve the effectiveness of treatment, extend tool life and performance.
 5, Advanced file pre-processing features to help users to timely correct processing errors in the file, and can be a good compatibility with various internal and external programs (eg, Mastercam, TYP3, W., Artcam, CAXA, etc..) For generate code for processing.
 6, An algorithm for predicting three-dimensional point of the curve, smooth lines, to ensure speed and accuracy of the curve.
 7, Windows platform for the integrated management system, extensions, unlimited scalability. Anti-lock design of hardware and software synchronization to ensure reliable system operation time.
 8, With a breakpoint, continued carving capabilities, with automatic correction of errors at the source, and effective in long hours to ensure accuracy.
 9, The structure of the perfect machine welded steel, rigid, no deformation, and Japan Yaskawa servo motors, torque and has a perfect security system.
 10, For wooden, doors, furniture, cabinets, and the processing industry.
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