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Number Description parameter
1 XYZ working area 1300*2500*200mm
2 Table size 1330*3040mm
3 XYZ travel positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
4 XYZ repositioning positioning accury ±0.03mm
5 Table surface Vacuum and  Tslot combined
6 frame tube structure
7 drive system X-Y axis Rack and pinion
8 drive system Z axis Ball screw
9 Max power consumption 3KW
10 Max velocity 33m/min
11 Max working speed 25m/min
12 Spindle speed 0-18000rmp
13 work mode Stepper
14 Working voltage AC380V  (220V)
15 Command language G code
16 Interface USB
17 Operating system DSP(option  NcStudio)
18 Inner memory 128
19 X-Y resolution 0.025mm
20 Software environment Wentai type3 artcam
21 Running environment Temperature:0-45
22 Paking size 3300*2100*1800mm
23 Net weight 1350KG
24 Gross weight 1670KG
With hard steel structure, CNC Router RC1325 is fit for hard wood working, like cutting and engraving on Rosewood for furniture, indoor decoration. And with the Vacuum holding way and dust collector, the mchine is qualified for mass-producing of furniture.

We use top quality components for the machines, like HSD spindle, Delta Inverter, Becker Vacuum pump,Hiwin linear rails and so on, to keep the machine in the best condition even after many years working.


CNC machine tools has the following advantages:
Errors caused by human error less
Each processing line 0
Processing time are not exactly
Reduce operator fatigue, ah, if any,
Reducing the operator's other tasks
The ability to use the machine is smaller (you need to know how the software program)

These are just some of the advantages of CNC machine tools available. Many of the activities they offer CNC machine tools used by other advantages, were identified.

Switch production from one product to another is very simple and can save companies a lot of time. In the past, a day or a few days, a machine cut, so that the correct order is necessary. Now, with CNC machine tools, installation greatly reduced. This is roughly equivalent to load different software easy.

CNC machine tools not only for their control and operation of different sports axis, in a different machine types of software. CNC lathe work in the X and Y, rather than the 5-axis machine tools, has been on the market. Axial ratio on the machine, precision cutting, more creativity to run more, you can in your project, the more able to provide manufacturing services. CNC machine tools can do everything very well, without any human intervention other than through software applications.

No frills and the joystick on the campaign, most in need of editing tools sources. Then, computer software machine instructions how to do what the machine running the norms and guidelines, until satisfied, it will stop the operation of the site. Human intervention is necessary for NC programming. Programming the machine in the grammar, which is written in the code. The code shows the different areas, what to do, to complete all aspects of the machine.

advertising and woodworking; we can cut and engrave on wood, MDF, acrylic, plastic, ABS board and some soft metal like aluminum, brass.




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